God-Centered Community Church in Princeton, MN

For It Is by Grace, You Have Been Saved Through Faith

Ephesians 2:8

Welcome to Cross of Life Community Church. We are a church committed to being faithful to God, to one another, and our community. As a God-centered establishment, we follow the teachings of the Bible and help raise our community through Christ’s good teachings and prayer. We accept all who are interested in our church and friendly community, so join us today. 


February 6th: Sermon starts are midweek studies on the Book of Acts 16: 1-40 

 Tuesday Night 7pm class 

Wednesday Morning 10:30am class 

Wednesday Night 6:30 at a Off Site Location 

 February 12th: Men's Prayer Gathering 

February 12th: Youth Group Outing 

 February 21st: Men's Bible Study 

Our Church Is Faithful to God

As a place of worship, our community church and all of our members are faithful to God and the Holy Spirit. We retain an acute sense of loyalty to our studies and show our faithfulness to Him in the following ways:

  • Prayer—We pray to show and give our thanks to God above. 
  • Daily Meditation Upon the Word—We study and use the Word of God to learn and teach others around us. 
  • Purposeful Worship in Faith, Hope & Love—We worship God and his teachings, embracing the hope and love He gives us, and pass it on to others to give them faith and hope and show them love.  

We Are Faithful to One Another

Cross of Life Community Church loves our church family dearly. We remain a faithful, close-knit group of churchgoers, worshipers, and friends under God through the following methods: 

  • Loving Relationships—Each member of our church is loved, respected, and held up by one another.

  • Spirit-Filled Mentoring—We mentor new and old church members alike in the Word of God and on life itself, always helping each other grow and prosper.

  • Christ-Centered Accountability—We remain accountable for our own actions, teachings, and interactions within and outside the church.  

We Are Faithful to Our Community

Above all else, we are a community dedicated to worshipping God and His teachings. We stick together, forming bonds and relationships under His Word that keep us strong and faithful.

  • Intercessory Prayer—We pray on the behalf of ourselves and others in the church, lifting our community up together as one.

  • Strategic Involvement—Our community church involves all of our community members in church-related activities. We are open to participation from everyone, regardless of church status or normal involvement.

  • Serving as Christ Served in Faith, Hope, & Love—We follow in the teachings of Jesus Christ, serving our own as he did. 

Reach out for a Loving Community Today

If you’re interested in learning more about Cross of Life Community Church, join us for a worship session today. Each of our members is friendly and helpful to everyone around them. We involve everyone, new and seasoned, in our activities. Contact us today to find out how to join our church. 

(763) 389-1169